Leading company in the Croatian chemical industry

High-tech laboratory

Our laboratory facilities match the modern standards required from the market itself 

Firsta and lead producer of:

  • PVAD, SAD, AD dispersions
  • Runway deicers

50.000 mt annual production capacity

Harnessing Croatia’s potential with an annual production capacity of 50,000 metric tons

5000 mt tank farm facilities

5000 MT tank farms secure fast and safe delivery of goods to our clients 24/7

Automated production system

Precision and efficiency at scale with our fully automated production systems

Multicultural team

Driven by diversity, our multicultural team fuels the process of innovation



Nordix Chemicals Factory strives to move the technological advancement of humanity forward in a sustainable manner, all the while providing new opportunities for scientifically oriented individuals to reach new heights. In search of perfection, based on over 50 years of scientific research, using all the existing equipment, we have reached maximum possible efficiency in our production processes.



We are pushing the boundaries of innovation for the sake of sustainability to help our clients reach excellence in their respective fields and show our partners that in this challenging world we can provide stability.

Produced in Croatia – supplied globally.

Our expertise includes engineering services, such as project management, technology and detail design, and automatization. Moreover, we can provide you with the option of turnkey anywhere in the world.

We work relentlessly to push forward the innovation and the technology, while being sustainable and aware of our impact on the environment. This approach adds value to relationships with our clients and it is only a glimpse into our future success.

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We’ve been working for over 50 years

Our journey began in 1971, with the entry into the polymer dispersion development project to produce high-value products for market needs.

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