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We work relentlessly to push forward the innovation and the technology, while being sustainable and aware of our impact on the environment. This approach adds value to relationships with our clients and it is only a glimpse into our future success.

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Our journey began in 1971, with the entry into the polymer dispersion development project to produce high-value products for market needs. Through our own research efforts, we developed technological solutions that enabled our clients to obtain high-quality products in the following markets: textiles, leather, paper, adhesives, and construction.

For over 50 years, we have utilized the knowledge and skills of our experts to connect science and customer relations, thus advancing all our endeavours and consistently supporting our clients. This approach has been with us since 1975 when we opened a new facility for polyacrylate and polyvinyl acetate dispersions. Through continuous work and a capacity of 6000 tons annually, by 1978, we increased our capacity to almost 10,000 tons annually. In parallel with the dispersion facility, we developed and began producing synthetic latexes in 1981, witnessing an annual production growth of 17.1% until the late 1980s.

This stable growth was disrupted by the dissolution of the former state of Yugoslavia, but despite all challenges, we successfully restarted and continued operations in our facilities in 1993 with the entry of foreign capital and the expansion of the production program to reagents for petrochemistry. Since then, our company has operated as a private enterprise.

Since the early 2000s we have been the leading enterprise in the chemical industry and have supplied the regional market with all of our products. During that time several technological advancements were made, both in application of polymer dispersions and in the production of sublimation paper.


We were also responsible for the certification and testing of the titanium coagulant as the perfect wastewater treatment in extremely clean ecology, such as Croatia, making it possible to revitalize the natural beauty of the outside environment.

In 2019, NORDIX CHEMICALS FACTORY was established to improve production processes and enable the factory to enter new markets and expand the production program to de-icers. Having overcome the challenges of the world-wide pandemic, we were able to fend off all the negatives, such as the lack of raw materials and the sky-high prices, and march through the process of establishing the new project we have planned.

One of those projects was the automatization and revitalization of our dispersion production facility and the complete renovation of our laboratory.

Our expertise includes engineering services, such as project management, technology and detail design, and automatization. Moreover, we can provide you with the option of turnkey anywhere in the world.

We are proud to say that we can provide solutions to our clients in the following areas:


Adheseive solutions


Aviation chemicals


Coating industry


Oil and gas industry


Packaging industry


Painting industry


Textile industry


Woodwork industry

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