Wood Industry

Vinyl acetate homopolymers

POLINORD G-308 is suitable for for the production of various types of glues for wood or wood industry, glues for parquetry and various floor and wall paints, a mass for levelling various porous materials in the construction industry. It is also used in the production of glues for paper and cardboard and other materials in the paper and cardboard industry.

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Styrene Acrylate dispersions

POLINORD G-144 is suitable for manufacturing of interior and exterior emulsion paints, wood paints and lacquers, concrete protection paints, plastic mortars and as a binder for mineral bases.

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Specialized dispersions

POLINORD S-700 is used as a dispersant, wetting agent and a stabilizer of suspensions of pigments and filler during the elaboration of emulsion paints and in the process of manufacturing stable suspensions of micronized minerals and other solid materials in water and water systems.

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