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D-ICE NF is a solid granular de-icing agent based on sodium formate and applies easily with same equipment as other solid deicers.

Standards & tests

Cetrified by the SAE AMS 1435 D

Air test are done by LIMA-AMIL (Canada) ans SMI Inc. (USA)

LFV test of impact for pavements are done by VTI (Sweden)


0% of UREA and Glycol content

Does not contribute to damaging oxygen depletion

Does not cause any corrosion to metals





About the product

D-ICE provides a selection of advanced liquid de-icers produced for efficient de-icing of runways and pathways, ensuring safety even in challenging weather conditions while mitigating environmental impact. Our certified runway de-icers deliver effective de-icing without adverse effects. D-ICE products introduces a premium 50% aqueous solutions for airside pavements, adhering to industry standards for runways, ramps, and helipads. D-ICE’s liquid runway deicers, which are devoid of urea or glycol, offer stability during storage without the need for agitation. The specially crafted composition of all D-ICE products not only guarantees efficient de-icing but also minimizes corrosion of materials used in aircraft construction. Our products comply with the globally recognized Aerospace Material Specifications AMS 1435 D standards.


Before Snowing/Light Snow Below 1 mm

Temperature                    Dosage Amount
From 0 to -10                             25 g/m2
From -10 to -20                          35 g/m2
Below -20                                    40 g/m2


Temperature                    Dosage Amount
From 0 to -10                             45 g/m2
From -10 to -20                          50 g/m2
Below -20                                    55 g/m2

After Snowing/Icing 

Temperature                    Dosage Amount
From 0 to -10                             50 g/m2
From -10 to -20                          55 g/m2
Below -20                                    60 g/m2

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< 170 km to the nearest seaport in Rijeka. Our strategic utilization of maritime logistics facilitates the efficient supply chain management for our deicers, ensuring the procurement of high-quality raw materials from across the globe at competitive prices. This approach enables us to offer runway deicers at an optimal price point without compromising on quality.

250 m to the nearest railway station EU membership facilitates streamlined trade with fellow EU members, exempting transactions from customs procedures.

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